Walking in the footsteps of Jimmy Nelson.

From the 5th untill the 12th of july 2018 I embarked on a photography and videography mission for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. Together with Zsolt Repasy, Pam Hesselmans and Kieke van Maarschalkerwaart I followed the Csikós: the last wranglers of the hungarian great plain. During the Lovasnapok (horsemen) festival in the Hortobágyi  national park we got to learn the Csikós and their lifestyle. As the days passed we were invited to join Lajos Garai, Ádám Bordás and Csaba Fekete on the puszta, where we really got to know them and where we were able to portrait their traditional lifestyle: surrounded by peace, quiet and horses.

Responsibilities: Videography & edit of the trailer and mini-documentary “The Csikós: Last Wranglers of the Hungarian Great Plain.”  + photography. 

Drone shots by: Kieke van Maarschalkerwaart